Report on the 2022 SFNano meeting

The SFNano (Société Francaise de Nanomedecine) annual meeting took place in the IRCAD (Institut de recherche contre les cancers de l’appareil digestif) institute, a part of Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg in the festive capital of France, from December 5th to the 7th 2022. The meeting that hosted over 200 researchers at different levels was divided into 5 sessions based on the different themes in nanomedical research. Throughout the 3 days keynote speakers shared their research studies in the form of talks, while other senior and junior researchers were given the chance to present their research as oral or poster presentation. The organizing committee had also appointed jury members to score oral talks and posters for the best talk and poster awards. Sponsors also shared the latest technical advancements made by their respective biotechnology companies, and they even had stands set up for the whole duration for attendees to ask question and get tailored answers.

Six members from the NanoBubbles project attended the SFNano conference: Candida Sanchez Burmester (Ph.D. student in Science Technology Studies, Univ. of Maastricht – Netherlands), Wytske Hepkema (Ph.D. student in Philosophy and Science Studies, Univ. of Radboud – Netherlands), Stefan Gaillard (Ph.D. student in Philosophy and Science Studies, Univ. of Radboud – Netherlands), Nathanne Rost (Post-doctoral researcher, Univ. Paris 13 – France), Maha Said (Post-doctoral researcher, Univ. Paris 13 – France), Raphaël Levy (Principal investigator, Univ. Paris 13 – France). At the SFNano2022, the NanoBubbles’ post-publication peer-review and the reproducibility sub-projects were presented as two posters enititled “Nanoplatforms for intracellular imaging: some inconsistencies in the literature” and “Testing reproducibilty in bionanoscience” presented by Nathanne Rost and Maha Said, respectively.

During their poster presentations, the two researchers explained to their audience the central questions of the NanoBubbles synergy project and how the presented sub-projects give insight into those central questions. The synergy within the project was also appreciated as the Ph.D. researchers concerned with the sociological aspect of the project also took note of the interactions between scientists and they themselves interacted with others. This provided them with interesting insights into how scientific ideas are communicated and how scientific discussions arise and continue. The conference gala dinner and coffee breaks provided the perfect opportunity to network with other attendees.

Finally, having been in Strasbourg, the NanoBubbles’ members also took the time to take a stroll down the decorated alleys leading to the buzzing Christmas markets, where they enjoyed the jingles, the cinnamon-y smell, and the over-all festive vibes.

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