Report on the IUPAC-CHAINS 2023 conference

From 20 to 25 August 2023, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) CHAINS 2023 conference was held in The Hague.
The conference was organised around 5 specific thematic areas: health, sustainability, molecular frontiers, smart and energy materials, ethics education and society, plus an area dedicated to perspectives for young researchers.
The conference was of course also attended by sponsors from both the world of industry, such as Shell, and the world of scientific publishing, such as the Royal Society of Chemistry. Representatives from institutes of policy/regulatory centres, both European and international, were also present.

Part of the social conference program was the gala dinner that took place in the Sint-Jacobskerk, where traditionally Dutch royal family members have been baptized. The three-course menu was accompanied by a voice-and-harp-duo and speeches by celebrated persons, such as the 2016 Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry, Ben Feringa, and the physicist and Dutch government’s Minister for Education, Culture and Science, Robbert Dijkgraaf.

Among the many and varied topics addressed, it is relevant to mention the discussion on the opportunities that research can offer in the fight against climate change, the state of the art and future developments regarding past and future pandemics, the impact of artificial intelligence on research, and the problems related to the so-called reproducibility crisis and the future of scientific publishing.

The NanoBubbles project was present at the conference with some of its members, consisting of Maha Said, Candida Sanchez Burmester and Federico Boem.
Maha Said, presented the sub-project concerning the reproducibility of some nanobiology studies, while Federico Boem, gave a talk on the sub-project concerning the post-publication peer review initiative. Finally, Candida Sanchez Burmester was present to carry out ethnographic research in the field.

The conference was an opportunity to discuss the topics of the NanoBubbles project in a broader way, creating synergies with other scholars and laying the foundations for possible future collaborations. More generally, it was also an opportunity to publicise the project within the broader scientific community, given the generality and exportability of the research topics.

Report written by Federico Boem, Candida Sanchez Burmester and Maha Said.

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