Technology Hype: Dealing with Bold Expectations and Overpromising (TATuP special issue)

Why does science fail to correct itself? – Part of the answer might be found in the social environment of the scientific endeavor where researchers compete for funding and attention and when opportunities arise, sometimes reveal a human behavior beyond disinterestedness or organized skepticism. To further explore this line of thought, the editorial team of Frédérique Bordignon & Maximilian Roßmann, both NanoBubbles’ members, and Jascha Bareis, called for international and interdisciplinary contributions to a TATuP special issue on Technology Hype: Dealing with Bold Expectations and Overpromising.

This special issue assembles case studies and methodological and theoretical contributions that analyze tech hypes’ temporality, agency, and institutional dynamics from an international and interdisciplinary perspective. It relates hype research to approaches of expectation, visions, and imagined futures research to examine how bold promises and hypes emerge and unfold in different contexts, but also how they can be deconstructed and anticipated, and what a responsible attitude towards them could look like.

The special issue contains nine peer-reviewed articles, one interview, and an introduction by the guest editors, is published open access, and can be accessed here. The guest editors hope you enjoy reading and appreciate any comments or feedback.

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