Call for abstracts to NanoBubbles panels at 4S/EASST

Are you interested in the role of hype or ignorance, replications, metrics regimes, or epistemic activists in science correction? Have a look at the call for abstracts to our panels at 4S/EASST, which takes place in Amsterdam from July 16-19, 2024. This open panel aims to address a) how hype and other factors encourage scientists to make erroneous or even fraudulent claims and discourage error correction; and, conversely, b) how, when, and why scientists do attempt to correct errors.  We invite interested researchers to explore questions that may include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Field transformations through hype and ignorance
    • the formation and bursting of bubbles
    • hype around emerging technologies and converging fields
    • the creation of sites of ignorance
  • Metric regimes and epistemic activism
    • metrics of evaluation in science or academia
    • the influence of science-based movements in research integrity
    • whistleblowing  in the scientific or academic field
    • post-production manipulation, evaluation, and correction
  • Situating replications in the 21st century
    • replication practices in contemporary transdisciplines
    • insights into institutionalized replication projects
    • ways of historicizing the ‘reproducibility crisis’
    • (mis)use of problems with reproducibility in (climate) denialism
  • Obstacles for scientific (self-)correction in academia and industry
    • publication biases and registered reports
    • the role of editors in correcting the scientific literature
    • corporate conflicts of interest

The 250-words abstract would need to be submitted on the conference page until February 12, 2024. We look forward to receiving your abstract and collaborating at 4S/EASST!

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