SFNano 2021 edition: a look back at the conference

SFNano organised its annual meeting from 6 to 8 December 2021, at the Angers Congress Centre.

The French Society of Nanomedicine (SFNano) was launched in 2014 with the aim of continuing to best represent the actors in the field of Nanomedicine in France. The main objective of this association is to promote the progress and dissemination of knowledge in the field of nanomedicine, to foster exchanges of actors in the field in academia and industry, in France and beyond with our European neighbours.

This three-day conference addressed various subjects related to nanomedicine such as cancer, biomaterials and gene therapy. Many researchers and specialists in the field gave very interesting presentations. One of these interventions was by Raphaël Lévy, cPI of the Nanobubbles project, whose presentation was entitled “Is Nano a Bubble? The main objective of this presentation was – beyond introducing the project to the audience – to bring a more collaborative dimension to the project, by proposing to the scientific community to give suggestions and comments.

Zoé Toure (project manager of NanoBubbles) also attended the conference and presented a poster linked to Raphaël’s presentation. She live-tweeted the different interventions during the three days. Since Zoé does not have a scientific background, this was also an opportunity to become familiar with one of the scientific fields of the project, to better understand the scientific issues of the project, and also to meet professionals in the field. It was nice to see parity among the speakers, and to hear from doctoral and post-doctoral researchers alongside more senior scientists from academia and industry.



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